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  • Every day we scour the farthest reaches of the internet for the best UK coupon codes from thousands of online retailers for you.
  • We get paid a commission on each order placed after clicking one of our coupons and then we share it with you as cash back.
  • We consistently have the highest cash back rates, but let us know via 24 hour chat if you find a higher one and we’ll see what we can do for you.
But does it matter what we say about ourselves? Here is what our members say about us, and if you have a something to say about us we would love to hear from you too!
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What our users are saying...

I used to spend hours searching for ways to save money on my online purchases. It didn't take long to realize that Coupon Cactus ALWAYS has the best coupons available. And on top of the coupon savings, Coupon Cactus actually pays me to use their coupons! I once had an issue with a cash back transaction. Coupon Cactus' customer service resolved the problem within just a few days. I never shop online without Coupon Cactus!
Erin from Lees Summit, MO
Coupon Cactus is the best site for all my cash back purchases. They have the highest cash back rates I've found for all my favorite websites. Their customer service department is excellent and responds quickly. Coupon Cactus has saved me so much money! I love Coupon Cactus!
Cristy from Loch Sheldrake, NY
The one thing that impressed me most about Coupon Cactus is that they are human. There are no auto-generated responses and someone ALWAYS responds to my questions immediately. They feature quite a few merchants not on similar sites, they are always adding more stores, and I get my cash back in a day or two. I'm always looking forward to the quarterly payments which add up quite nicely on! Need I say more?
Oluwatosin from Portland, OR
I discovered Coupon Cactus when I moved into a new home last year and was contemplating making several online purchases. I ended up finding everything I wanted at Coupon Cactus. Each of the vendors was highly reputable and I typically obtained the best price I could find. Many of the items were big ticket items (furniture, plasma tv) and I was a little nervous about delivery. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Everything was perfect and I received a check directly from Coupon Cactus for close to $400. That was on top of the great prices and the fact that my credit card already gives me points for my purchases. You just can't beat that. Now I go through Coupon Cactus every time I buy something online and look forward to receiving my cash back check every quarter.
Matthew from San Jose, CA
I go to Coupon Cactus first, every time I shop online... and it has saved me a bundle of money! I like how easy it is to use, how I can always check on how much has accumulated in my account, and that Coupon Cactus has discounts for most online retailers and/or cash back. Their customer service has also been quickly responsive and amazingly friendly and helpful! It's great to get that bonus check in the mail every quarter. I love Coupon Cactus! I refer all my friends and family to it for their online shopping.
Cathy from Grant Pass, OR
I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you for having such a great service. I was with {competitor cash back website} for nearly a year and had so many problems and nearly all of my purchases were unrecognized. They said it was a problem with my computer. I followed every instruction precisely. I even cleared my cache before each purchase and only had one window open when purchasing the item. Even with my due diligence my purchases were never recognized. I had to manually submit my confirmations each time. I was highly frustrated with them! I finally decided to switch cash back websites. I did some research and chose CouponCactus. I wish I had joined this company initially. I have had nothing but positive experiences with I absolutely love the pop up window that has a box where I can enter my order number after the purchase for tracking and also provides the coupon code. The company is proactive in contacting customers 7 days after purchase in regards to unconfirmed orders and requesting further information. CouponCactus is far superior to other rebate companies.
Tasha from Little River, SC
Thank you so much for your prompt service. I've never seen this prompt service from other Cash Back service site. I think is the best responsive site ever.
Martin from Gaithersburg, MD makes smart shopping easy. They offer a variety of coupons and cash back offers from top retailers as well as small online shops - all on one user friendly website. Last year, I saved over $100 on my online purchases and discovered great new places to shop by browsing through their large network of retailers. I highly recommend for those on a budget as well as those just looking to try something new. Happy Shopping!
Christina from New York, NY
I have been using Coupon Cactus for quite some time and I am enjoying all the benefits. I have 38 transactions and I will have plenty more to come in the future too.
Arunkumar from Rochester Hills, MI
Coupon Cactus came unanticipated and I'm glad it did. A merchant from which I was purchasing a product recommended the site for an additional coupon and cash back from their already great pricing. Cash back from Coupon Cactus is always better than expected and placed in my account when promised. I'm always pleasantly surprised by merchants I'd not have known existed were it not for Coupon Cactus. Coupon Cactus has cash back and coupons from merchants that can't be found anywhere else!
Robert from Rahway, NJ
I wanted to say thank you and what a pleasure your help has been. It has been very refreshing to work with a customer service representative with such grace, follow through and friendliness. And I'm not saying this because of your ability to obtain the credit for my cash back, even if it has not been recuperated, your execution of handling the process has been A-plus!
Sarah from Santa Monica, CA
In the few short months I've been a member of Coupon Cactus I've earned $177 in rebates! Now I am an avid shopper, but the rebates I've earned have made the sting of shopping so much more bearable. Thank you Coupon Cactus!
Rosemary from Woodbridge, NJ
I am so excited, i know you are so busy that i should not disturb you, but i really wanna say thanks, thanks a lot. Khurram i wanna give you a big kiss & hug. lol. You guess what you bring me an order yesterday, it's $61.18 from your website. I do appreciate what you have done for me, thanks for your hard & efficient work, have a nice weekend.
Elsa from China
I received information fast about the coupon problem I had and I want to thank all at CouponCactus for being that fast. I know you are all so busy, and other sites usually take a day or more to get back to a person, sometimes causing the loss of a great buy. You don't do that to the people that use you and I love it here. Thank you again for all of your help and all of the great work and all of the great offers and coupons I can access. I hope I sent this to the proper area for gushing on the behind the scenes people at CouponCactus.
Jennifer from Angola, IN
Thank you! I love CouponCactus' follow-up on clicks - definitely that in combination with the solid cash back rates are the reasons its now my preferred cash back site!
Ruth from Chicago, IL
Woohoo. I shopped on line but went through first. I received $24 off my order and will get $28 cashback in the mail. This is a great site.
Shirley from British Columbia, Canada
Thank you for proactively investigating this. However the item was not in stock at bestbuy and they cancelled the order. Hence the cashback is missing. Keep up the good work. Your proactive investigation is a first I have seen from a website and I will be using and recommending more you from now on.
Andy from Thornton, CO
Very helpful, indeed! Many thanks. Your customer service is always wonderful! :-)
Jennifer from Vernon, CT
Thank you so much for the incredible customer service. I received the replacement check in the mail.
Ratana from Lakeland, TN
Thanks so much! Your'e the best! :) I just told a friend about your website and how awesome you are to deal with! She should be signing up in a few minutes! :)
Heather from Chickasaw, AL
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