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Online Coupon Questions

  1. Is free?
    Yes. Completely.
  2. Why didn?t a coupon work?
    Just click on the "Redeem Coupon" button (and enter the coupon code at checkout if there is one) and you shouldn't have an issue. Sometimes a merchant might withdraw a coupon without letting us know or they might be having technical difficulties. In such cases please wait an hour or two and try again. If it still does not work you can always Contact Us or chat with us so we can help you to resolve the issue.
  3. Can I combine coupons on a single purchase?
    Not very often, but it depends on the store. However, you can combine online coupons with our cash back shopping program.
  4. Do I need to provide personal information to use coupons on
    No, we do not require registration or any other personal information in order to use our online coupons. However, if you want to receive cash back on top of the coupons, then you will want to become a member.

Cash Back Shopping Questions

  1. What is Cash Back Shopping?
    We get a commission every time one of our members completes an order after clicking one of our coupons. Once paid, we share some of the commission in the form of cash back, with the member who made the purchase. Cash back accumulates in our account and we pay you quarterly.
  2. Is cash back reflected at checkout?
    No, cash back is not a coupon. Cash back is accumulated on our site after the order is completed, not at checkout or on the retailer?s site. Of course you will see any coupon discounts you redeemed, but cash back is a rebate that we, not the merchant, shares with you.
  3. How long does it take to see my cash back?
    Cash back is usually reported to us from the store a few days after the order is completed. However, it can take as long as 90 days because each store has a different reporting system and the time it takes is out of our control. In addition, some stores report the cash back after the order has shipped and any return period has elapsed so they can avoid paying cash back on orders that get returned.
  4. When do I get paid?
    We pay cash back on a quarterly basis. The dates covered by each quarter and their respective payment dates are as follows:

    Quarter# Purchases Posted Within Your Check Mailed on
    Quarter 1 January 1 - March 31 May 15
    Quarter 2 April 1 - June 30 August 15
    Quarter 3 July 1 - September 30 November 15
    Quarter 4 October 1 - December 31 February 15

    If the balance in your account at the end of the quarter is less than £10.00 then payment will be postponed and the balance will stay in your account and carry over into the next quarter. For your convenience we offer payment by check or via Paypal.
  5. How much cash back will I earn?
    Each store?s page on our site tells you how much cash back can be earned.
  6. How do I start earning cash back on my purchases?
    Sign-up for free membership and then sign into each time before shopping!
  7. How do I make sure I earn cash back on my order?
    You must sign into your account and then click on a coupon or link to shop and then place an order. Make sure you place your order on the merchant's site from the browser window that was opened by
  8. Will I earn cash back if I use a coupon from another site?
    We cannot guarantee that your purchase will be eligible for cash back if you use coupons from another site.
  9. Do all purchases qualify for cash back?
    Most orders qualify for cash back, but there are some restrictions that could disqualify an order:
    • No cash back on bonus payments such as signup bonuses or referral bonuses.
    • No cash back on sales tax.
    • No cash back on shipping costs.
    • Probably no cash back on orders paid with:
      • offers
      • Medicare or any insurance coverage
      • Gift certificates
      • Store Credit
    • Usually no cash back on the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards.
    • No cash back on any purchases where the transaction is mostly completed by telephone.
    • Most auction purchases do not qualify for cash back.
    • Purchases made online but are picked up at the merchant store do not qualify for cash back.
    • Cash back is usually not valid on orders made by agents or resellers. They already receive a commission or earn a profit on the order.
    • Orders for merchant catalogs do not qualify for cash back.
    • Monthly deliveries do not qualify for cash back unless the entire delivery period is paid for in advance.
    • Prescription medication purchases (human or animal) do not qualify for cash back.
    • Any additional merchant cash back restrictions are posted on that merchant's page.

Coupon Cactus Member Questions

  1. How can I change my email address, password, or other info?
    Sign in and click My Account at the top to go to the member Control Panel where you can edit your info.
  2. What will I earn for referring other members?
    You will earn a 25% bonus of all the cash back earned by the member you referred to us. You can view your referral bonuses at any time by signing in, clicking My Account, and selecting the Referrals tab. Please keep in mind that members are not allowed to refer themselves with a second account nor can they refer anyone with the same Paypal address or physical address as themselves. Referral connections will be broken after 1 year of inactivity.
  3. How can I earn more cash back referral bonuses?
    You can use the link under the Link to Us tab in the Member Control Panel. This link has your member number embedded in it so we know to pay you for cash back earned by whomever clicks it. Many of our members include this link in the signature line of their emails, on their blogs, and on their websites.

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